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Good & Cool - "Old Work Truck" b/w "Under The Palm Fronds" TDRCO-203

1. Old Work Truck
2. Under The Palm Fronds

If the mid-winter dregs are bumming you out, a couple of new tracks from Portland-based Good & Cool should be ample fodder to keep your turntable warm until that Spring sunshine is upon us again. A joint side project of TDRCo stalwarts Mo Douglas and Prince Joely (while not attending to their myriad other musical work), Good & Cool has proven themselves capable of seamlessly hopping genres in favor of laying down a solid groove with self-assured efficiency.

Exhibit A - this newest double single with two top-notch instrumental joints on display. "Under the Palm Fronds" ripples through with a smoked-out, downtempo dancehall funk that's as much Talking Heads as it is Scratch Perry, while "Old Work Truck" deftly rides some Black Angels' styled deep-fried southern riffing off into a proverbial psychedelic sunset. Strap in and take off. (Reed Burnam)