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Mo Douglas - This One Flips The Vibe TDRCO-199

This One Flips The Vibe is the new album from Mo Douglas, whose entrancing instrumental jams span from the lushly scenic to nostalgically invigorating. The "master chef multi-instrumentalist" for Portland-based label Ten Dollar Recording Co, Mo displays eclectic soundscapes and a perpetual groove-induced engrossment throughout This One Flips The Vibe.

Album opener “Slice a Thin Strip, Pt. 1” exudes a tropical bounce, lush and airy with its mellow guitar pulses and playful keys. Following, "The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland" shows a cinematic vigor; the suave guitar twangs lead a charismatic sound fit for a Tarantino film (or one of his '60s/'70s inspirations).

Fit for listening during a breezy, sun-shining afternoon, “Many Places To Eat” is further indicative of the album’s caressingly melodic charms. Warming acoustical layers mingle alongside a soaring electric guitar line, with power-pop and psych-rock sentiments on display.

Mariya May's wordless guest vocals appear on the enthusiastic "Ample Room For Grooving," glowing with its brightly nostalgic '70s charm. A weightless and ethereal quality appears amidst boisterous guitars, dashes of flute, and frolicking keys. Expressive, capricious guitar trickles past the two-minute turn add colorfully to the steady rhythm section, also bolstered by soul-clapping.

Preceding This One Flips The Vibe, Mo's extensive back catalog traverses through eclectic stylistic realms, crafting unique instrumental grooves with pieces of funk, soul, rock, jazz, psychedelia, and beyond.

Release Date: September 16, 2022

1. Slice a Thin Strip, Pt. 1
2. The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland
3. Operating The Popcorn Wagon
4. Mo's Donut Kitchen
5. Many Places To Eat
6. Ample Room For Grooving
7. Fresh Peas if Possible
8. Mo's Bakery on Broadway
9. Surrounded By Grapefruit
10. Mariya & Mo Pose With The Kettle
11. Slice a Thin Strip, Pt. 2

Produced & Mixed by Mo Douglas in Portland, Oregon

All Songs Written by Block (BMI) & Published by Hot Breath Publishing (BMI)

Mo: guitars, bass, drums & percussion, synths/keys, claps & snaps

Mariya May: harmony vocals, flute, claps (tr. 6), flute (tr. 9, 10)

Cover Art & Layout by Ryan Massad