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Mo Douglas - "Ample Room For Grooving" (Single) TDRCO-195

A playful new track, "Ample Room For Grooving" shines with a brightly nostalgic '70s charm. Mariya May's wordless guest vocals enamor, exuding a weightless and ethereal quality amidst boisterous guitars, dashes of flute, and frolicking keys. Expressive, capricious guitar trickles past the two-minute turn add colorfully to the steady rhythm section, also bolstered by soul-clapping. "Ample Room For Grooving" touts an apt namesake, maintaining a hypnotic rhythmic pull that accommodates the expansion of lush vocal touches and amiably melodic instrumentation.

Mo's extensive back catalog traverses through eclectic stylistic realms, crafting unique instrumental grooves with pieces of funk, soul, rock, jazz, psychedelia, and beyond. "Ample Room For Grooving" follows up Douglas' 2021 full-length Fry The Onion Gently, an album exemplary of this diverse sound, expanding upon previous albums' hazy lo-fi engrossment into an invigorating rock-forward smorgasbord. (Mike Mineo)

Written by Ryan Michael Block (Hot Breath Publishing - BMI)

Produced & Mixed in Portland by Mo Douglas

Mo: guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion, claps
Mariya: vocal harmonies, flute, claps

Cover Art: Mongoose Thompson