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Mo Douglas - "The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland" (Single) TDRCO-194

The new track from Mo Douglas, "The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland" conjures a hypnotic rock nostalgia. Rollicking guitar twangs and a pulsing rhythmic fervor waste no time in constructing an entrancing opening, quickly indicative of Douglas' master blend of garage rock, psychedelia, funk, and beyond. The suave aesthetic touts a cinematic allure with its flashing guitars and sense of steady momentum, echoing a Tarantino film or one of his '60s/'70s inspirations. "The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland" follows up Douglas' 2021 album Fry The Onion Gently, released on Portland's Ten Dollar Recording Co. (Mike Mineo)

released April 9, 2022

Written by Ryan Michael Block (Hot Breath Publishing - BMI)

Produced & Performed by Mo Douglas in Portland

Cover Art: Mongoose Thompson
Cover Photo: Mariya May