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What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance - "A Midnight So Sweet" (Single) TDRCO-192

Out on March 20, 2022, the newest single from Portland's own What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance is shaking off the saturnalia blues and getting busy tilling up some equinox groove sure to raise the mercury. Plowing through the late winter miasma, "A Midnight So Sweet" is shot through with the silky feel of a warm, late night summer slow grind, deftly winding layers of nocturnal dancehall-infused haze and midnight psy-guitar slink around the ankles of vocalist Mariya May's forever sultry musings.

The trio of WIYHCPYIAT's principal players (May, along with fellow multi-instrumentalists Mo Douglas and Prince Joely) are always apt to lay a sonic foundation that smoothly blurs various elements of dub, classic r&b, folk, and psych, and "A Midnight So Sweet" does not disappoint in the least, with the band's earthbound grooving and Prince Joely's shimmering production sure to keep asses swaying. Pick up the midnight sweet of your choice and relax for a spell, this one's going on repeat. (Reed Burnam)

released March 20, 2022

Written by Prince Joely & Mariya May

Produced in Portland by Prince Joely

Performed by Mariya May, Prince Joely, & Mo Douglas

pop portland or creative music dream pop dub pop sultry underground