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Step into the Kitchen - "A Very Different Dessert" (Single) TDRCO-189

Imagine, if you will, a hazy, dank planet of sound (not that one). Its inhabitants slither and wriggle, twisting alien instruments in obscene ways, cooking up sounds almost familiar, transformed through fractured radio waves blasting out to the cosmos. Bits of jazz and dub and blues all mutilated just a little bit - a fine ceviche of sound - cooked but only technically, right? Step Into The Kitchen have departed their world and found a fine home here on this decaying blue marble for some reason, bringing with them that tasty blend, full of grooves and flourishes to nourish our dead, hungry souls with "A Very Different Dessert." Dine with the band (metaphorically, of course) and this debut single as it's served up in February 2022, available from your lovely hosts at Ten Dollar Recording Co., with a more extensive menu of delights on the way soon. (Bryan Bruchman)

released February 5, 2022

Published by Hot Breath Publishing (BMI)

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