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Mariya May - "All of God's Children Ain't Free" (Single) TDRCO-188

There’s a certain something to a hopeless tune paired with cheery music, and Johnny Cash leaned into that hard on his “All Of God’s Children Ain’t Free” - with plucky, winky-smiled singalong style. But what if we strip away that country sheen, shifting the tune to the classically downer minor chords to fix the vibe - after all irony was successfully killed off with the last century, right? Mariya May gives the song a spin, laying on a darker, more morose vibe that feels modern and timeless, because sadness is forever. The song is a hymnal now, the soundtrack to a procession of misery and despair for 2022 (with a little whistling to brighten things up for good measure), drawn out and spiced up with a tenor sax solo from the inimitable Peter QB that perfectly compliments the playing of Mariya and Mo Douglas. (Bryan Bruchman)

released January 7, 2022

Written and originally performed by Johnny Cash

Mariya - vocals, acoustic guitar, melodica, flute, electronic drums, tambourine, snaps, production, cover art

Mo - acoustic, electric, & classical guitars, bass, mandolin, percussion/drums, snaps, production/mixing/mastering

Peter QB - tenor sax