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Prince Joely - "Enjoy Your Life" (Single) TDRCO-187

Prince Joely, the royal canine heir to the Ten Dollar Recording Co. empire, slides out another watery groove for the masses. Joel Rasmussen has a way of dipping his paws into different styles as a songwriter and producer, but dub is frequent territory for his instrumental jams, and with “Enjoy Your Life” we’re taking a trip straight to the islands. Joely’s least esoteric release yet, we present a feel-good pleasure ride with steel drum, springy guitars, classic reggae organ, spacey ambiance, and bass that’ll make your nose twitch, among other things. What’s not to enjoy? If you’ve got a life to live, you’re doing great. (Bryan Bruchman)

released December 6, 2021

"Enjoy Your Life" (Ghetto Cooking Publishing - ASCAP)
(Single - TDRCO-187)

Written and Produced by Prince Joely

Prince Joely: keys, clavs, organ, steel drum, kalimba, melodica, percussion (organic/synthetic), digital fuckery, ocean waves

Mo Douglas: bass, guitars, mastering

Ann French: cover photo

pop portland oregon cinematic creative music dub electronica instrumental neo dub underground