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Various Artists - Home-Brewed Cascadian Funk (2016-2020) TDRCO-178

Late summer Delta variant blues got you feeling down? For an uplifting inoculation of danceable homespun funk grit, look no further than the new comp Home-Brewed Cascadian Funk (2016-2020) out this August 27th, on Portland, Oregon's always innovative Ten Dollar Recording Co. Filled with hip and hazy mid-fi sounds dreamed up in the hip and hazy PNW, this edition of Home-Brewed Cascadian Funk finds the TDRCO team paying homage to funk heroes like James Brown, Willie Mitchell, Curtis Mayfield, and other 60s/70s American groovemasters. Further spicing things up, deep cut references to modern retro-funk acts hailing from labels like Daptone, Colemine, Big Crown, and others are par for the course. Suffice to say, these 11 tracks should be played loud, and with ample room for grooving - let your dancing feet get you going like it's late 2019 again.

released August 27, 2021

1. Mo Douglas - "Organic Seaweed" (block - bmi)
[features Peter QB - tenor sax, organ, & flute]

2. Mariya May & The Hot Breath - "Carry Me Off" (block/may - bmi)
[features Prince Joely - keyboards & percussion]

3. Mo Meets Mongoose - "Dance Enhancer" (mudrick/block - ascap/bmi)

4. What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance - "Eight Thousand Dollars For a Lunch" (block/may/rasmussen - bmi/ascap)

5. Good & Cool - "Dog in the Yard" (block/rasmussen - bmi/ascap)

6. Mo Douglas - "Everybody Eats When They Come To Mo's House" (block - bmi)

7. Prince Joely - "Good Flesh" (rasmussen - ascap)

8. The Ass Nuggets - "Ain't Feelin' It" (rasmussen - ascap)

9. Good & Cool - "Interplanetary Tête-à-Tête (Visit 1)" (block/rasmussen - bmi/ascap)

10. Mo Douglas - "Chestnut Dessert" (block - bmi)

Art by Mongoose Thompson (Cover/Jacket/Disc)