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Various Artists - Cascadian Reggae & Dub (2017-2021) TDRCO-175

Busting at the seams with 11 heavy duty psych-dub cuts, Portland-based Ten Dollar Recording Company's new comp Cascadian Reggae & Dub (2017-2021) is out June 20th. Channeling the earthy, sinuous funk of dark and groovy dubmasters like Lee Perry, Family Man Barret, Augustus Pablo, Yabby You, and Prince Jammy, the TDRCo crew once again digs deep and demonstrates that their stylistic taproots run from the West Coast all the way to the perennially fertile soil of afro-Caribbean groove. Cascadian Reggae & Dub (2017-2021) skates through experimental chopped and screwed dub jams drenched with blasts of echo and reverb right through dubby vocal reggae with a dream pop sensibility, all while remaining firmly grounded in the hazy rainforest psych glow of the PNW coastal range. This is one of the things TDRCo does best - get this one and get your groove on already.

1. What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance -
"A Posh Lush and a Dutch Letch" (Block - BMI)
2. Mariya May & The Hot Breath - "Strange" (Keppel - BMI)
3. Mo Douglas - "Four Bean Vegetarian Chili" (Block - BMI)
4. Prince Joely - "Duke & The Dominoes" (Rasmussen - ASCAP)
5. What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance -
"My Love (It's True), Pt. 2" (Block/May - BMI)
6. What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance - "Car" (Martsch/Youtz - ASCAP)
7. Mo Douglas - "Dub Reiteration" (Block - BMI)
8. Prince Joely - "Rigmarole" (Rasmussen - ASCAP)
9. Mo Douglas - "Island Mo (2021 Dub)" (Block - BMI)
10. Mo Douglas & Mariya May - "Dub Reiteration, Pt. 2" (Block - BMI)
11. Mo Douglas - "Suggested By The Bestseller" (Block - BMI)