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Mo Douglas - Let Knowledge Serve the Sandwich TDRCO-154

1.An Informal Lunch 03:47
2.Hound and Hound We Go 02:34
3.Serve Garnished 02:15
4.Add Hot Pepper 01:57
5.Breakfast on a Bun 03:58
6.He Was a Detective Y'know 03:46
7.The Thick Side 03:18
8.Allow to Cool 03:06

6th album by Portland, Oregon multi-instrumentalist Mo Douglas

released October 7, 2020

Produced & Mixed by Mo Douglas at Continental Control Unit (Portland, OR)

All titles are Hot Breath Publishing (BMI) and written by Ryan Michael Block except "He Was a Detective Y'Know", written by Ryan Michael Block and Mariya Block

Mo Douglas:
Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Melodica


Prince Joely: (tr. 1) - Percussion; (tr. 2) - Keyboards & Claps & Percussion; (tr. 6) - Keyboards

Mariya May: (tr. 2) - vocals & flute; (tr. 6) - vocals; (tr. 8) - flute

Peter QB: (tr. 6) - Tenor Sax

Thomas Mudrick: Cover Art

pop portland creative music folktronica freak folk multi-genre underground