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Various Artists - The T​-​D​-​R​-​Co Sound: Underground Pop, Folk Boogie, & Neo Dub Collection TDRCO-138

A strong early contender for the feel-good, multi-artist psych album of the decade, THE T-D-R-CO SOUND: UNDERGROUND POP, FOLK BOOGIE, & NEO DUB COLLECTION is set for 6/20/20 release. That first day of Summer will provide 13 new 'choons from T-D-R-CO stalwarts Chance Wiesner, THE HOT BREATH, Prince Joely Music, Thomas Mudrick, Mariya May, Reed Burnam, MO DOUGLAS, THE DIRTY RAGS, plus last (and definitely least), THE ASS NUGGETS. Get some sunlight on ya already.

1.The Dirty Rags - Daddy Cakes 03:37
2.The Hot Breath - A Smelly Invitation 03:05
3.Mo Douglas - Thick Dip 02:13
4.Mariya May - On Your Heels 05:12
5.Reed Burnam - Collected Summer (Equinox Version) 04:39
6.Chance Wiesner - Plastic Flower Factory (A Cappella) 02:20
7.Mariya May - Why When Love is Gone 02:48
8.Chance Wiesner - Tasteless Pace 02:38
9.Thomas Mudrick - Try Again (2020 Dub) 04:36
10.Chance Wiesner - Wandering One (A Cappella) 03:12
11.The Ass Nuggets - She's Heard Your Bullshit 02:49
12.Mariya May - Catch The Wind (A Cappella) 02:43
13.Prince Joely - Cool & Mellow (Evening)

Cover art and sublime frequency alignment by Thomas Mudrick.

Songwriters (TDRCO Originals):
Joel Rasmussen: tr. 1, 11, 13
Chance Wiesner: tr. 6, 8, 10
Ryan Block: tr. 2, 3, 11
Mariya Block: tr. 2, 4
Thomas Mudrick: tr. 1
Reed Burnam: tr. 5

Songwriters (Covers):
Ivy Hunter: tr. 7
Timothy Mosley & Stephen Garrett: tr. 9
Donovan Leitch: tr. 12