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Ryan Massad - Weekend Room TDRCO-129

Weekend Room is the second full-length by Portland-based multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Ryan Massad, out now on the Ten Dollar Recording Co. label.

Following up 2017’s Alone and Overdressed, Weekend Room is 22 tracks of warm, home-produced and largely acoustic indie pop and psych. Organic and lo-fi throughout, Weekend Room is long on texture and mood, the assorted vocal compositions intertwining with groovy head pieces, experimental outings, and classical guitar interludes all solidly shellacked with Massad’s inborn ear for melody and experimental attitude.

From the sparse and lonely singer-songwriter stylings of “You Can’t Be Sad”, “After School”, and “Just What To Say”, to the capricious instrumental ambience of “Water”, “Banana River”, and “Hot Night in the City”, and the flower child baroque of “Smile Out of Style” and “Jeita”, Weekend Room picks up where Massad’s previous album left off and immediately begins to further color outside the lines. Throwing genre and expectation into the home recording blender, Massad is at his best when serving up a variegated spread of songs for your listening pleasure. So go get some already.