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Chance Wiesner - More Sauce For The Lady TDRCO-117

Chance Wiesner's lyrics are literate and humorous, as indicated in a doozie from the track "A Love Boat": "After the storm, she's still here...I look up and she's combing my hair". Sly poetic stylism seems to spill out of Wiesner as easy as a Pabst-induced piss spills out of your average two-bit singer-songwriter. More Sauce For The Lady is Wiesner's second solo album, not to mention his work with his band Nodding Tree Remedies, an often large psych group. It's been a cool decade and a half that NTR has off-and-on been taking excited showgoers to a feel-good mental-motherland with their innovative and unpredictable live gigs, and Wiesner is certainly doing his thing to death, letting his talent tumble out all over the dance-floor as well as the home and car stereo at every opportunity. More Sauce For The Lady is out October 31, 2019 from Ten Dollar Recording Co.

1. Ceiling Fan
2. Had To Catch Up
3. Icicles Bicycles
4. Squid
5. A Love Boat
6. Lost His Head Mowing The Grass
7. Michael
8. Little Moonie
9. Digger My Boy
10. Alan Alda
11. Barbecue Hands

Produced and Mixed in Portland Oregon by Mo Douglas
Arranged by Chance Wiesner and Mo Douglas

All Titles Written By Chance Wiesner

Published by Ghetto Cooking Publishing (ASCAP)
Cover Photo: Julie Eaton

Lead Vocals: Chance Wiesner

Backing Vocals: Mariya May (tr. 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11);
Ryan Massad (tr. 1, 3); Trask Shulte (tr. 4, 10); Prince Joely (tr. 6)

Guitars: Mo Douglas (lead and rhy); Chance Wiesner (rhy); Trask Shulte (rhy tr. 4)

Bass: Mo Douglas; Trask Shulte (tr. 4, 10)

Keyboards: Prince Joely; Mariya May (tr. 3)

Drums: Mo Douglas

Percussion: Mo Douglas; Prince Joely (tr. 4); Trask Shulte (tr. 4)

Flute: Mariya May (tr. 7, 9, 10, 11)

Mandolin: Mo Douglas (tr. 8, 11)

Melodica: Mo Douglas (tr. 11)