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Thomas Mudrick - Ten Dollar Soup Collection TDRCO-115

Favorites and rarities from Silverton, Oregon’s frequently prolific prodigal son Thomas Mudrick. Ever the musical chameleon, Mudrick is never content to linger too long on any one sound, idea, or aesthetic, instead choosing to effortlessly cull together frayed musical ends and dog-eared stylistics with all the ease and intent of, say, Mellow Gold-era Beck, though with a decidedly Cascadian deep woods freak slant.

1. She Turns Out Of Time
2. Rockopop
3. Two Strings
4. Honey Dip
5. Bipolar Bear
6. Soul Glow
7.Over The Hills
8. Easy Breezy
9. Banana Peel
10. Fast Forward
11. Boomarangatang
12. Shania
13. So Low
14. Particles of Gold
15. Grindfather
16. Keep on Keepin' On

Release Date: 9/7/2019