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Reed Burnam - "Musical Instruments of the World" (Single) TDRCO-068

Reed Burnam’s single "Musical Instruments of The World" doesn’t nab all the instruments of the world, but it gathers enough to give a uniquely timeless feel. In just under three minutes, Burnam sets up a distinct, rich atmosphere for a song that transcends genres and impresses on multiple levels. A simple acoustic guitar starts things off. Brisk, moderately paced drums soon enter and give the song a nice kick. His voice is a little raw and the opening line, “Got a dictionary out in the yard/On the grass that’s too long…” sets up an image that is as much quirky as it is natural.

The song has an older quality to it, as if recorded back in the ‘60s, yet still sounds modern. Burnam finds room to incorporate a sneaky little bass groove and a real hook comes in the way of a flute. The melody it plays before, after, and during the chorus pushes the track to exceptional territory. Some female backing vocals smooth out Burnam’s delivery, and the chorus, “She smiles like sunlight” is poetic in its simple imagery and matches the organic beauty of the music. A triumph for Reed Burnam, not one note is wasted on this single. It blends lush instrumentation together in beautiful fashion, making this is a standout piece of music that already sounds timeless in the year of its release. (Heath Andrews, Nov 7, 2014)

Release Date: October 14, 2014