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Various Artists - The T-D-R-Co Sound: Cascadian Groove, Roots, and Psych Collection TDRCO-088

1 Plants and Animals by Human Shaped Earth
2 A Box at the Dog Track by Ryan Michael Block
3 Aero Star '94 by Prince Joely
4 Rockopop by Thomas Mudrick
5 Walks by Ryan Massad
6 I Got to Smile by Mariya May
7 Better Days by Lisa Heyward
8 Mo Douglas Is in It by Mo Douglas
9 Roseanne by Nodding Tree Remedies
10 The Gyrator by Mo Meets Mongoose
11 Ghost House by Ryan Massad
12 Dr. K by Nodding Tree Remedies
13 Beautiful Arctic Star (Live) by What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance
14 Japanese Zero by Anthony Mudrick
15 Grindfather by Thomas Mudrick
16 Alan Alda by Nodding Tree Remedies