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Various Artists - The T-D-R-Co Sound: Cascadian Folk and Soul Collection TDRCO-070

1 Silvertron Anthony Mudrick
2 A Cosmic Life Human Shaped Earth
3 Out of the Dust Mariya May
4 Musical Instruments of the World Reed Burnam
5 Lawnmower Man Chance Wiesner
6 Catch a Whiff Prince Joely
7 Last Night of Romance Human Shaped Earth
8 Sheddin These Skins Kevin Lierman
9 Sunshine Radiation Anthony Mudrick
10 Mama Coco Nodding Tree Remedies
11 Midnight Dream Human Shaped Earth
12 My Wife Was Pissed The Dirty Rags
13 Rock 'n' Roll Heaven Chance Wiesner
14 Tannish Pink and Burgundy Prince Joely
15 Bi Hai Thomas Mudrick
16 Flute's Upside Ya Head Mariya May

Release Date: December 26, 2014