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Nodding Tree Remedies - The 45th Parallel TDRCO-044

1. Shoulder I
2. Frontier
3. 2050
4. Squid
5. Slip'nslide Butterfly
6. La Mujer
7. Ziplock
8. Semi-Automatic
9. 481
10. Jesus Rode a Harley
11. James Gang Airplane
12. Best Day Ever

What you’re liable to get with Nodding Tree Remedies is pretty far out if you can get with it. Featuring a rotating cast of characters, a magic bag of sounds emanating from all four corners of the past four or five decades of the psych-pop underground, and an interstellar band backstory to boot (viva imagination!), NTR are currently caught up in this reality tunnel to shovel out truck loads of throwback strum, freak folk, electro-americana, and otherwise. Best to lay back and enjoy the ride, and keep your hands and arms safely inside the windows of the Magic Bus.

Release Date: May 4, 2013