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Chance Wiesner - Takin' a Chance on Love TDRCO-038

1. Malibu
2. Wandering One
3. Plastic Flower Factory
4. Critter Sister
5. Moon Rover
6. Elegance Elephants
7. Dressed as a Penguin
8. Messed it Up With My Little Honey
9. A Stretch
10. Mosquito Thirsty
11. How’s The Dog

2019 Edition CD Bonus Tracks:
12. Grown-Over Moon Rover
13. Sharp Dressed Penguin
14. Malibu Enchiladas
15. Rock N Roll Heaven
16. Lawnmower Man

Brimming with undercurrents of freak-folk strummables, washed out country twang, ocean current rainbow sing alongs, and a lighthearted, comedic earnestness, Chance Wiesner’s new solo effort Takin’ a Chance on Love is eleven tracks of out there, lo-fi goodness. Recorded over a three week period in Jan. 2013, Takin’ a Chance on Love emanates from Portland’s stellar Ten Dollar Recording Company, a veritable cottage industry of talented tune-benders chock full of all the rain-dappled, left-of-center goodness that makes the western slopes of the Cascades such a strange and idiosyncratic locale for all things music. An all around great listen, Chance Wiesner’s inaugural solo full-length Takin’ a Chance on Love is another feather in the cap of Portland’s mighty TDRCO, and is one head trip that should soon be demanding closer inspection by critics and record buffs alike. (Reed Burnam)

Original Release Date: May 4, 2013