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Silvertron Youth Choir - Our God is a Possum God TDRCO-071

1. Spaceship Sunlight
2. Whiskey Pie
3. Pet The Little Birds
4. Pamplemoose
5. Justin Bieber on a Beaver
6. Ordiano
7. Peanut Butter Train
8. Sector 2
9. Elijah
10. Gary and The Foxes

Doubling down on zany, beer-battered inflorescence, Silvertron Youth Choir take hilariously warped happenstances and turn them up to 11 with Our God is a Possum God, the debut album from this Silverton, Oregon based crew of merry pranksters. SYC draws listeners into a web of sprightly, imaginative musical vortices that follow none but their own internal piper. With the Silvertron Youth Choir, Thomas Mudrick and longtime co-conspirator and drum whiz Ian Hartley cobble together a gem of a record that’s both hilarious and strange, often at once.

SYC isn’t short on inanity, assembling what could at times be described as children’s music made for (and seemingly by) mightily stoned adults; a pinwheeling, day- tripping, hipping and hopping, skipping and jumping ramble through the worm hole into a range of delightfully visual and guffaw-inducing ditties. The crux of Silvertron Youth Choir’s tune-wrangling is in their ability to spool out numbers that make liberal use of deft musicianship and pop/folk song craft while remaining ridiculously irreverent and often wickedly funny. Our God is a Possum God is firmly indebted to the Old Masters’ use of dada-inspired non-sequitur as a way to contort the quotidian nature of mainstream pop and rock: early Beck, Zappa, Ween, the Residents, They Might Be Giants, etc. (REED BURNAM, July 13, 2015)

Release Date: July 28, 2015