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Reed Burnam - Another Switchback TDRCO-082

1. Musical Instruments
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Favorite One Driving
4. Wolves Lookout
5. Big Red Sun
6. Preparation Blues
7. Fear of Airplanes
8. Close That Shade
9. Spinning Globe
10. Last One
11. First Song (On The New Record)

Reed Burnam is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter, currently involved in numerous working bands in the Austin, Texas area (Khali Haat, Ouiness, Many Birthdays). Originally composed in a flash songwriting session over a couple of days back in 2005, Another Switchback was finally properly recorded and produced in 2016 in Portland, Oregon for Ten Dollar Recording Company. Regarding the album, Reed tells us, "For my influences, I was listening to a lot of Guided By Voices and especially Tobin Sprout at the time, along with Leonard Cohen, Capt. Beefheart, Brian Eno's 70's lyrical albums, BJM, Townes van Zandt, Dan Johnston, Nick Drake, and others, so they work in a little bit here and there in either sound or feel. I'm a huge fan of Bill Callahan, and that later informed how I decided to strip these songs down when we recorded them for TDRCo."

Release Date: January 3, 2017