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Ryan Massad - Alone & Overdressed TDRCO-084

1. Nearly Lost My Mind
2. Summers
3. Don't Be Careless
4. Treefort
5. Vapor
6. Lightest Toes
7. Always Out
8. Fade
9. Big Wave
10. Dead Man
11. Stoney Jabroni Makosa
12. Early This Morn
13. Storming Out

A layered mixture of stylistic variegation perched atop a cornerstone of airy bedroom folk, Ryan Massad’s new full-length Alone & Overdressed is out May 30, 2017 on Portland’s Ten Dollar Recording Company. The album follows on the heels of a number of recent self-releases under Massad’s “Morel” moniker dating to 2014, but Alone & Overdressed is the first under his own name. Highlighting Massad’s oft road-weary take on golden-era stone washed folkie warble and fuzz country strum, Alone & Overdressed is a mellow yellow rabbit hole of texture and vibe, replete with hummable/strummable front porch ditties, classic folk run through the reverb blender, and late-night, red-eyed bedroom psych excursions. Weaving in and out of the whole deal is Massad’s grounded take on simple, melodic song structuring and orchestration. With Massad at the helm of all the record’s instrumentation and vocals, Alone & Overdressed is peppered through with some fine self-made psy-folk moments graced with the nostalgic cadences of dusty eight-tracks gone by, the album’s thirteen pieces echoing the battlecries of battalions of DIY bedroom recording enthusiasts from the hippies to the millennial nation and beyond.(REED BURNAM, Apr 22, 2017)

Release Date: May 30, 2017