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Anthony Mudrick - Lava Party TDRCO-085

1. Mary
2. Summer Lovin'
3. Sunburns
4. Silvertron
5. Pinecones
6. The Silver Falls Witch
7. Sunbeam
8. Sunshine Radiation
9. Calculations Creation
10. Sector Zz9
11. Hometown Alien
12. Bending Spacetime

For his debut album Lava Party, Anthony Mudrick rallied his energies to create twelve cuts with a cross-section of moods, from feel-good psych pop tracks to outer-space experimental voyages. Anthony is the youngest of three Mudrick brothers, all purveyors of authentic psychedelic music. Making up his mind to search out his own style, Anthony dug deep into the day-trip remnants of countercultural tracers, the crevices where the high tide of the 1960’s left its mark. Anthony leisurely conjures the lava lamp undulations and eerie psych-folk sounds of 1960’s London or San Fran, trotting out the ghost of Syd Barrett for yet another dance in the pale moonlight. To be real, Lava Party plays heavy on the early psych-folk spectrum, while bringing along for mixed company elements of the Paisley Underground 80’s, trash-pop 90’s, and freak-folk 00’s, but arriving at what is (now) a timeless, immediately recognizable idiom.

Release Date: July 11, 2017