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What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance - We Got a Lot of Love TDRCO-111

New full-length album WE GOT A LOT OF LOVE showcases the band’s penchant for spiraling progressions, fluttering tones, and above all an intimate, cinematic undercurrent that bends and shapes individual songs into larger-than-life collages more resembling of mood and feeling than mere track numbers.

1. I Got You Singing
2. It's All In It
3. You Got Our Hearts
4. Strangers
5. We Got a Lot of Love
6. My Love (It's True), Pt. 1
7. This Will Be Our Year
8. Eight Thousand Dollars For a Lunch
9. A Posh Lush and a Dutch Letch
10. The Air Smells Fresh
11. My Love (It's True), Pt. 2
12. This Story's Gonna Go

Produced by Mo Douglas
Co-Producers: Prince Joely, Mariya May

Release Date: June 21, 2019