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Mariya May - Orange Ball of Love (Single) TDRCO-058

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Mariya May
Orange Ball of Love (Single)

Release Date: February 8, 2014

For me, a band or a musician takes a major step forward in their development when you see them step out of their comfort zone and truly crush a different aesthetic. Mariya May, on her latest single, has managed just this. Trading her habitual swoon and melancholia for a peppier, more purposeful delivery, and exchanging her slow waltz for a classic reggae/dub rhythm, the longtime fan of her work might be left wondering why it took her so long to reveal this other, sunnier side to her persona. Parts Desmond Dekker, Abba, and Sam and Dave, this cover of The Mountain Goats “Orange Ball of Love” is as sassy as it is cool. It is impossible not to purse one’s lips and head bob to the infectiously laid back beat. The reggae is handled aptly and tastefully, allowing the song and the singer are the space they need to bounce along and snag the sly hook in most everyone who is fortunate enough to hear it. (HUTCH HILL, Feb 6, 2014)