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Mariya May - "Out of The Dust" (Single) TDRCO-052

Somewhere there’s a filmmaker with a melancholy disposition and a lonesome, 35mm black-and-white movie about hope for the broken hearted, searching madly for that one piece of music that will bring his or her film together at last. Thankfully, Mariya May’s single “Out of the Dust” is here to lay that poor filmmaker’s never-ending search to rest.

Simple, soulful and sweet, this is a love song that is scored through with sadness, sung as a plea from one damaged lover to another. The slow, walzing march of this piano and bass driven lament is the ideal framework for May to exhibit the varying vocal styles she has cultivated over the years. Beneath the surface of the performance is the resilient optimism of a truly romantic heart, counterbalanced with a foreboding tone. May’s voice is continually captivating, but never more so than when she croons the song’s refrain: “Don’t let me down / I won’t let you down.” The longing in her lead vocal is visceral and it is laid even more bare by some of the best and most precise harmony work of her career. Out November 5th 2013 on Ten Dollar Recording Co. (HUTCH HILL, Nov 4, 2013)

Release Date: November 5, 2013