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Mongoose Thompson - Fast Forward (Single) TDRCO-030

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Mongoose Thompson
Fast Forward (Single)

Release Date: July 31, 2012

Hold onto your hats folks, and get ready to sit your asses down and space out for a spell,
Mongoose Thompson is back with another single guaranteed to set you horizontal and
(perhaps) induce some amount of tracers if you shut your eyes for a minute. Sure, with a
name like “Fast Forward” one might subconsciously expect something deft and agile,
perhaps jittery and nervous. But not so here, and what’s brought to the table doesn’t ever
seem to be too overwrought from this delay-and-reverb-heavy Oregonian outfit, whose
modus operandi usually gravitates more towards the blissed/chilled out vistas somewhere
over the shoegazing rainbows of meditative singular focus and throwback cool. “Fast
Forward” strikes out from this trailhead and progresses into thickets of bravery,
repetition, and noise, with the same slowly creeping sense of hermetic hipness that colors
much of their other output, and yes, it’s even danceable at points, granted that one may
have imbibed the right substances.

In line with other Mongoose Thompson releases, “Fast Forward” is seven minutes of
meditation on a singular melody line layed out in the opening moments of the track,
staggering in the fleshy organ tones, delay-ridden vocals spun off with a detached
whisper, and spiraling sound effects that are endemic to other singles such as “So Low”
and “Let It Flow”. “Fast Forward” takes to task more of an eighties underground dance
club vibe, landing somewhere between Spacemen Three and Q Lazzarus, and the rounded
edges of the track’s inner groove form an interlocking substratum that opens up to fullest
expression around the 1:30 mark or so, with all the parts of this jam firing in unison to
form the aural picture of a slouching, stoned juggernaut borne on the back of the electro-
clash rhythmic thrust. The lyrics are spaced and ambiguous (though less so than other
MT releases), and form a cocoon shell around the central musical arc, drifting through the
ether like some smoke ring slowly disintegrating upwards. Mongoose Thompson has this whole ‘vibe’ thing on lock down. Let ‘em run with it, and enjoy the ride. (REED BURNAM, Aug 7, 2012)

You’ve heard of three chords and the truth? How about three notes and a groove?
“Fast Forward,” the latest effort from the curiously named Mongoose Thompson,
takes just such a stripped down, trance-y approach. It’s tasteful Casio dreampop that
would have made a solid opening act on Duran Duran’s Sing Blue Silver Tour. A
simple, repetitive melody made to sway with a retro-fit drum loop. Computer chirps
and deeply reverbed whisper-vocals really tie the room together. In the card
catalogue you can find the file somewhere between the Pet Shop Boys and Yeasayer. (HUTCH HILL, Sep 9, 2012)

When The Ten Dollar Recording Co. label released “Let It Flow,” it seemed as if they had found
their sonic shaman in Mongoose Thompson. His debut single was unquestionably meditative,
adding a welcome element of calm into the crazed nature of the label’s artist roster. “Fast
Forward” continues the tranquility, albeit over a locked groove. The presence of a beat doesn’t
diminish the song’s enlightening qualities at all. Mongoose is still as psychedelic as that first
single suggested; it’s just that he gets to bear hug an up-tempo rhythm this time around,
surrounding it in dazzling Technicolor aural hues.

Light, airy chords open the song which moves into a synth-pop structure, electronic bass pulses
swaying the piece back and forth between keys. Hushed monotone vocals squeeze themselves
into the mix, each line uttered and fading out into echoed vapors. A flurry of intergalactic effects
introduces a rhythm, a simple pattern of shuffling snares and a barely audible bass pad. Squishy
sounds accompany the tempo along with ecstatic vocal harmonies and the steady knock of a
woodblock. If the song inspires dancing, it is not the peak hour in the main room type of frenzy,
but rather the kind that allows for fluid movements to break out in the chill out corners of a rave.

Extending this exercise over seven minutes, the tempo slows down to a snail’s pace within the
last two. Once the beat is no more, meandering ambience remains, allowing Mongoose to close
out the song with relaxing guitar improvisations. The performance feels effortless and
instinctual, bringing the song to a therapeutic conclusion. While “Fast Forward” has a New Age
spirit at its core, it is not confined to its boundaries. Instead, the subgenre is used as a launching
pad to dive into other influences and gently incorporate them into the selection. With this single,
Mongoose Thompson has further solidified his position as the musical medicine man of the Ten
Dollar label. (JASON RANDALL SMITH, Aug 10, 2012)