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Duncan Calver - "I've Been Smiling" (Single) TDRCO-049

Duncan Calver’s debut solo single "I’ve Been Smiling" is awash in funneled sounds both current and dated, saturated with the psych-streaked sea foam optimism first birthed through oracles such as the endless summer of Pet Sounds, refracted through a veritable oil and liquid light show of more recent acts. Calver’s "I’ve Been Smiling" sports some nifty a cappella vocal harmonies, buttressing an understated melody that swirls around the heels of the song’s gentle up and down dynamic and life-worn lyrical expressions. Amidst the gentle swirl of Calver’s crystalline vocal delivery and the track’s overall subtle harmonics, boy meets girl and loses the same.

Backed with the supplementary b-side "Animalia et Oceanum", which acts more as a watery, ambient refrain of the flipside track than as full-fledged song per se, "I’ve Been Smiling" is yet another reason to get on the boat already and get yourself over to Ten Dollar Recording Company; these cats are tying one on like it’s 1969. Or 1999, 2199, whatever. All aboard. (REED BURNAM, Sep 13, 2013)

Release Date: September 17, 2013