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Thomas Mudrick - Grindfather (Single) TDRCO-077

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Thomas Mudrick
Grindfather (Single)

Release Date: September 6, 2016

Thomas Mudrick's single "Grindfather" gently wafts an East Asian background veneer over some nicely interlocking pieces of polyrhythmic guitar funk that are one part Fela and one part P-Funk, with a dash of world-psych-trance-rave-up thrown in for measure, whatever the hell that means. At his best when effectively layering the weird alongside the ass-shaking, "Grindfather" is Mudrick in his element, sending up another space jam that's likely to rattle around in your head for a spell. And this one is all tune and no vocal cords, dig? So let the groove get'cha high as the sky. Out September 6, 2016 on Portland's Ten Dollar Recording Company.